Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gardening in odd spaces.

I showed y'all the vertical window garden for persons with no yard.

Now, for your gardening pleasure, the truck farm. Anyone familiar with the film King Corn knows these guys are pure genius. this is a stunt to make a movie and explore the concepts involved. There was much work done to properly drain the truck bed, and keep weight under the limits of the truck. They take the truck on tours around the East coast visiting schools and botanical centers. There's also a CSA you can get in on if you have 20$ to spare and are interested in small weekly deliveries.

Other ways to garden in odd spaces abound! Whether you live in a big city, suburb or rural township, there are always new and exciting ways to garden differently.
Craigslist can be a wealth of free/cheap containers.
Vertical Gardening with reclaimed gutters, potato plantings in stacks of tires, buckets with holes given new life with some soil and veggie seeds.
Got any ideas? Feel free to share them!

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