Friday, July 9, 2010

Kindergardens Week 13 - I believe

Inadvertent Farmer asks, "So what do you believe this week?"

I believe that homemade soup with carrots and turnip and spices out of my garden is way better than anything Campbells could make. Now if I could just convince hubby that we need chickens.... :-D

I believe that we'll recover from the landlady's herbicide. Thankfully she was aware of my garden and didn't spray near it. I haven't seen any indication that any of the veggies got accidental drift or anything. I should be able to let Rowen loose in the yard next week without any fear of him ingesting poison.

I believe that I can grow lots of food in Zone 4. I've got some exciting cold frame plans for this fall. Thanks Daddy for the old windows! Maybe I can let Rowen help with the painting. ;-) I'm thinking I'll try to include some of my new neighbors in the coldframe building excitement. A couple of them garden, maybe they'd be interested in following along, maybe building their own as I build mine. It could be a nice way to bond with some of my local gardeners.

I believe gardening with Rowen now is going to build a life long love of growing things for him, and that excites me.

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inadvertent farmer said...

Yes...Campbells will never taste the same again! Great post... Kim