Sunday, July 18, 2010

Independence Days: 7-18-2010

Plant the food: Nothing really, trying to clear out some of the spring crops to make room for those fall crops I need to get in.

Harvest the food: Turnips! Maybe I'll plant less of these next year... :-P Leaving some of the bigger ones to try for seed production in the spring. Clearing out the row to make room for the fall crops.
Garlic! The softneck garlic I planted did as well as I expected, which is to say not very. Tasty enough and we'll eat them, but they're all very small and not well formed into cloves. I need them out of the way so I can plant fall crops.
More Garlic! A trip to Des Moines has yielded 46 heads of hardneck garlic. I'm so glad I got to recover all these beauties. They are happily curing on my front porch. Big thanks out to Donna again for looking out for my garlic bulbs this spring.
Green Beans (purple), harvested the first wave of green (purple) beans from my bush plants. They are covered in blossoms and small beans so I'm looking forward to a good harvest.
Onions! Harvested 2 onions just to see how they're doing. Tasted great, still a bit small though.
Herbs - Basil and sage are harvest-ready and tasty.

Eat the food: A tasty soup with turnips and kale last week. Ate the first beans and onions stir fried with a bit of garlic yesterday. Made Kale chips a couple of days ago. I thought they tasted ok, very light and crispy, but Dave didn't care for them. Ate the first fresh basil of the year on our pasta last night.
Ate the first little cherry tomato straight off the vine. Mmmm.. :-)

Preserve the food: Did I mention my raspberry syrup a few weeks ago? I now have Strawberry syrup too. It was supposed to be Strawberry jam, but it didn't set up AT ALL. Made 7 jars of varying sizes full of tasty sweet strawberry goodness. We'll eat it somehow. Dehydrated Raspberries and more kale. Froze some bananas that we got for super cheap.
Seed saving kinda fits in with preservation, I have most of the pea seeds in and cleaned. I have a couple of green beans already marked for seed saving. Potato fruits are about ready to harvest for seed. (not potato tubers, potato fruit, which I've been doing some research on. ) Expect a post soon on potato breeding.

Building Commumity: Still working with the 3rd grader's garden. :-)


Anonymous said...

Doomer Girlz can cook it seems. Sounds good.


Jennie said...

Nova! Always nice to hear from you. I need to get over to your blog to catch up on the new material.

And yea, I do my best, I figure with all the craziness I put hubby through, the least I can do is try and make tasty food. :-D Plus, it's good practice in case we ever really have to live off what I can grow.