Monday, June 30, 2008

What a month...

Ok, this is likely to be a long post.

A storm took out power and internet at work Thursday morning, and it just now came back up. So, I spent lots of time in my gardens Thursday and Friday. :-) Lots of pictures, lots of harvest totals and of course the rundown on progress in June.
The picture above was taken on Thursday, you can see the continuing storms in the background. I harvested my first broccoli head. :-) Picture below. It's at least 6" diameter.
All my beans are blooming. The Purple Podded "green beans" are blooming in a pretty purple, and the Scarlet Runner beans below have their striking red blossoms on.
Harvest from the Boone garden:
Broccoli -- 336 g
Peas -- 151 g
Mulberries -- 173 g

Continued lack of power Friday meant I spent 4 hours in my Des Moines plot, doing some weeding and setting to rights. The heavy downpour on Thursday split one of my little kohlrabi. So, I harvested him even though he wasn't full grown.
Harvest from the Des Moines garden:
Peas -- 30 g
Kohlrabi -- 72 g

Saturday was pretty lazy. I ate strawberries from my Daddy's garden for breakfast. Mmmm...
Below is my container garden, at the moment. It will expand a little bit after the move this weekend, as I'll put a large chunk of my fall root crop in containers.


Peas: 717 grams (some free)
Lettuce/spinach: 933 grams (free)
Garlic Scapes: 303 grams (free)
Carrots: 20 grams
Rhubarb: 131 grams (free)
Kohlrabi: 72 grams
Broccoli: 336 grams
Mulberries: 173 grams (free)

Not bad. :-) Maybe next month I'll get something harvested in the Kilogram range. :-) The free in parenthesis means the seed packet that produce came from has already paid for itself, or I harvested the produce from a wild plant.

Riot 4 Austerity Totals:
Sadly the whole month was spent packing and cleaning and moving, so not only do I not have any totals, I'm sure if I could look at them it would be bad. :-P But, all this moving and packing and cleaning is so I can be closer to work. So, as of next week I won't have a 40 mile commute, or a giant old farmhouse to heat/cool. I really can't wait. :-D It'll be interesting to see how my new living arrangements balance out with the wedding plans for the 20th.

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