Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Buried in lettuce :-D

Yup, officially buried in lettuce. And it's wonderful. :-D The peas are delicious too. Peas are still one of my favorite reasons for growing a garden. Sweeter and tastier than any of the rubbery peas at the supermarket. I'll freeze some for winter, but most will probably get devoured.

Harvest totals Monday night:
176 grams of lettuce
60 grams of peas (Dave is yelling, "60 and a half!") hee hee

Gifts (trades) of lettuce are going out to my friends, Brian/Mel and Becky/Adam. Brian's trading me some fresh rosemary, mmmm potatoes tonight! And Becky is trading me use of her chain saw. Yup, chicks with power tools, you know you like it.

I'm happy I have enough to share. That was my sneaky plan behind the 1000 sq ft garden. Becky and Adam are trying to get their hobbit hole house built this summer out on the farmland. Neither has the time to tend a garden so I am glad I can send veggies their way. Brian and Mel are just sweet hearts and they've let me crash at their place to ease commuting costs, veggies are the least I can do.

I have a couple of really nice looking lettuce heads that I've left mostly alone, I'm going to let them go to seed and I'm hoping I'm able to harvest seed properly from them. Harvesting seed is the next loop in my sustainable living plan. It's fine to shell out 70$ every spring for seeds and harvest 500$ or more in veggies, but even better if I can save seed from the year before and start for free. :-) Last year I saved some seed. Peas, tomatoes, pumpkin, basil and sunflowers. They all were saved correctly and sprouted this spring. Sadly the pumpkins and sunflowers got rained out, but that's ok. This year I hope to expand my seed saving to lettuce, spinach, squash, peppers and beans. It'll be tricky with the move, but I'm hopeful.

I ordered my fall seeds last night. All of my seeds come from Seed Savers in Decorah, Iowa. I like that they save heirloom varieties and grow most of the seeds organically. Plus, I'm assured it will grow in my zone, because they grow everything they sell. I've converted a tackle box into my seed saving box. It's kind of a mess right now, with extra seeds in piles at multiple locations. My goal for this week is to get it all organized again before my new round of seeds comes in.

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