Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Double the fun

So, as mentioned in other posts. I have two gardens (plus a container garden). I take care of one in Boone, where I'll live until July, and one in Des Moines where I"ll live after July. The container garden is in Ames at Dave's house. I finally made it out to my Des Moines plot after a week of flooding. I expected to find devastation and was pleasantly surprised. :-)
Nothing dead, nothing missing and a nice harvest of peas to sweeten the deal!
Something, a bean beetle I think was gnawing at my green beans, turned them into some pretty lace. I couldn't see any beetles, so I'm hoping they are gone. The beans can still grow in the condition they are in. We'll see.
The kohlrabi looked fabulous, the tomatoes were healthy looking, the peppers too. The basil I thought was drowning a couple weeks ago has perked back up and looked good. All's well in the Des Moines plot.

Harvest total for Tuesday
90 grams of peas!

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