Sunday, June 1, 2008

May Totals

Drum roll please....
For the month of May, I harvested 834 grams of produce. 520 of that is rhubarb, with the remaining 314 from lettuce.
Now, you might be saying, that's not much produce. It's not even a full kilogram. But, that's enough for salads at every other dinner for two people for most of the month of May. Plus a couple of tasty rhubarb deserts and a lot of frozen rhubarb. Close to 3/4 of that produce was free. Not too shabby. All my lettuce packs have paid for themselves, and they are still going strong.

To start off April, I harvested some more lettuces this afternoon. 150 grams of mixed greens. Tasty, tasty free lettuce. Most of that harvest is again just thinnings, with everything still producing strongly. I'll need to start watching for signs of bolting if we get into a spate of hot weather. If I have to harvest everything to keep it from going bitter in heat, everyone I know is going to get some salad lettuce. :-D

The picture today is a picture of the romaine lettuce I'm growing and harvesting right now. It's tasty and pretty. Gotta love heirlooms. It's called Forellenshuss. Which is Austrian for speckled romaine. :-D

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