Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In search of the wild rhubarb

Here's me tromping through the overgrown back half of Dave's yard. That's where the 5 wild patches of rhubarb live. Got the first mosquito bites of the season. It's amazing what every creek in the area overflowing it's banks will do to resident mosquito populations.. :-P

This pretty shot is my Russian Kale. I'm glad it looks pretty, cause I honestly have no idea what to do with it. :-D Hopefully I get that researched soon.

This is my beautiful cabbage! This thing is 3 feet in diameter. This is my first year with cabbages. I grew them from seed and I only have two growing this year, the second one is a couple of weeks behind this guy. I'm guessing the small little nub in the middle of it is where the cabbage head is growing.

And finally, proof of peas! This little guy peeked back at me when I went to inspect the peas. I have lots of tiny pea pods on the vine and loads of blossoms. *fingers crossed* Please no hail this weekend!

While I'm chatting about the garden, my tomatoes are looking great! Three of them have blossoms and all of them are looking super, nice green color, new leaves being put on, just great. Beans are growing happily. No casualties to rain or rabbits.
Garlic is still doing great. No signs of the leaves drying out yet so they must have a couple more weeks till they think about harvest. Course, with all this rain, maybe the little bulbs are rotting in the ground.. :-D Who knows... :-D
The onions are enjoying the daily rains. I want to get some mulch on them, but I'm worried they'll rot if I do that, so I'm holding off till the end of the month.
I thinned my carrot patch yesterday. Got several tiny baby carrots. :-D
The beats, sadly, are officially dead. Something ate the tops off most of them, and the rest flooded out with the rain. This is the second year I've failed at beets. :-P
The corn is the other casualty. The seeds rotted in the ground and the seedlings died in their tray inside because it's been storming every day since they sprouted.
I'm trying real hard to keep the okra alive in it's tray. It most definitely would not like the current conditions. I might just have to let them go and reseed new okra, and hope they're ready to go outside in a couple of weeks when things are dry.
My swiss chard suffered a set back this week. Something nibbled at all of them, so to keep that something away and protect the little remains from the pounding rains I transfered one of my cold frame windows over and propped it up over them. Hopefully that helps out a little.
Spinach is officially done in my garden until sometime this fall. I'm still eating off the last harvest of it though. Had some spinach with my eggs this morning. :-D

Well there's the news from the garden for the week. :-D Have a good Tuesday!

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