Friday, May 16, 2008

I have the credit score of a 40 year old

I met with my financial adviser (not as lofty as it sounds, she works for my bank and just checks in on my credit and stuff so she can advise me about the loans I have through them) and the work I've put into my credit score the past 6 months has really paid off. I've got my credit card debt down to a single card with less than 100$ on it, and opened up another line of credit with the bank that I don't really touch, so my "use of revolving credit" is ridiculously low. My debt to income ratio didn't change too much, as we refinanced my car loan to help with the credit cards, but the ratio is righting itself faster in this new arrangement than it did in the old arrangement, so that was a plus too. Long story short, she checked my credit score and I've improved dramatically. It's still not where I want it to be, but demographically speaking, I have the credit score of an average 40 year old. Not too shabby. :-) Another year of clean living and I'll have my car loan down to 4 digits, and a credit report with no late payments (My last one will drop off in 6 months I think) and I'll refinance to a lower interest rate on said car loan.
Progress is being made. :-) Now if I can just get through the wedding this summer without bankrupting myself, things will come together nicely.

Another 60 grams of lettuce harvested last night. The seed packs have officially paid for themselves. :-)

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