Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cool weather and rain

The cool weather and rain have been wonderful for my rhubarb, lettuces and peas. I hadn't been able to harvest for a couple of days, so I went out last night in between rain showers and harvested 260 grams of rhubarb and 133 grams of mixed greens. The picture above is all the greens, it's a mix of Tango lettuce, Monoppa spinach, Amish Deer Tongue lettuce and Forellenshuss lettuce. I filled a plastic grocery bag half full. :-D Plus, I only harvested a quarter of what was available. That's worked really well for me this spring. I harvest the outer leaves, the older bigger leaves and leave the baby leaves to mature. It wouldn't work in a larger volume setup, but for Dave and I it works really well.
Below is a ground eye view of my North row. Carrots are the short bushy light green in the foreground, behind them, a little darker green are my onions, and behind them darker still and over 2 feet high are my garlics. Peas are the vines on the left growing up the netting. All of the pictures can be viewed at full size if you click on them.

My tomato plants were looking better yesterday. I think they are starting to recover from transplanting. Most all of them have new growth and it's a happy dark green color. My poor basils though are very unhappy with all this water. I have kept 4 of my new basils on the porch and unplanted so I could keep them dry. They do not like wet feet as is evidenced by the sad basils that got planted in the garden. Oh well. I can't have good basil weather AND good pea weather. :-D Basils can be replanted.
Next week highs are forecast to be in the 80's, but it's literally supposed to rain every other day. I'm hoping my peas will hurry up and put on some blossoms this weekend and let me harvest some peas next weekend. Sadly I don't think they are interested in hurrying up. :-D

Curious where I get my seeds? Seed Savers, they are based out of Decorah, Iowa and they specialize in heirloom varieties. If you are reading this and you live a little South of Iowa, try my friends at Baker's Creek. I always recommend heirloom varieties of veggies, they taste better, and they'll come back true from properly saved seeds.

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