Friday, July 1, 2011

Little Man, Big World

Another Kindergarden post. If you want in on the fun, hop over to Inadvertent Farmer.

I let Rowen have the camera this past week. At just over 2 years old, he's not real good with keeping steady while pushing the button. Plus, he kept crawling into the bike trailer, instead of clicking away in the garden. Here's the view from inside his trailer, looking up at my legs. lol

After that, we settled for a walking tour of the beds around the house, and I let him point at what we should take pictures of. That worked a little better. :-D We have some really pretty lilies open right now. Next to lilacs, lilies are my favorite. These guys don't have as much sun as they'd prefer to have. So, they are leaning over and a little leggy. Still really pretty though.

We saw a big moth on our large ash tree. Can you spot him? I hesitantly identified him as a catocala. If someone thinks otherwise, let me know! :-)We had a playdate Weds with Sue (the gal from the community garden) and her grandson who is 4. Rowen enjoyed having another small person around. We all sat outside and let the kids play in the wading pool. Sue, of course, would love to see us join her church and dropped hints whenever she could politely fit it in the conversation. :-D I, of course, was frazzled from a long day of remote startup support with a plant in Ohio, and was in no mood to be preached at. She never took it that far, and even said at one point how, "unique" she finds our family to be. lol But, we enjoyed the visit anyway, and the kiddo's sure loved that pool. And so, the collaboration continues, politely and at time tentatively, but it's worth it to see that garden full of veggies for people in my community. Does anyone else find that kids can ease socially awkward situations?


Kirsten said...

haha, love that first snap. a real "kid point of view" pic. :)

your lilies are beautiful!

we are in eastern PA - zone 6. definitely warmer than zone 4. :)

Shayne said...

The lilies are fantastic! Love their reddish color. :)

Mama Bean said...

he got some great shots for such a little guy - i hope by next year my little bean will be taking shots like this :) your lilies are beautiful. and yes, kids totally ease awkward social stuff. sometimes, when i don't have a kid in my arms or under my feet, i feel a little naked in social situations... :)

Cathryn said...

No fair-- that first shot is so cute when you think of it from the 2 yr olds perspective, but no fair when it shows nothing but how gloriously in shape you are!!(I'm currently on a diet myself- so I'm seeing green!)

Oh- but I can suggest a great book if you guys are into moths- "Girl of the Limberlost" by Gene Stratton-Porter
It is a naturalists adventure with moths in an Indiana swamp, set back in the early 1900's.

Fun photos!

Jennie said...

Oh Cathryn, what can I say, it was a really good angle, I don't think I've ever seen my legs look that good. Of course, I had to ask my hubby about it, "Do my legs always look that good?" And he kinda leered at me and said something .. not appropriate. :-) Maybe more of us mommas should let the babe's take pictures of us. It might remind us that we are the goddesses that they see.

Other than that, it's just clean living, veggies and bike rides.

Thanks for the awesome book suggestion! We LOVE books.

Mama Bean, I swear we use the 2 year old as an anti-anxiety 'med' for my husband, he's constantly anxious in social situations, and having baby to touch seems to help him.

Jess said...

I'm with Cathryn, that first photo is great! Love Rowan's point of view. So funny to think how they see us!

And you can add me in to ohmygosh if I don't have a kid in my arms... what-do-I-do-in-social-situations club.

I'm Cassie... said...

The shot from the bicycle trailer is great as everyone else has commented!

And I'm so glad someone mentioned the the "Girl of the Limberlost" book. I read it as a teen a loved it and have been trying to remember what it was called for a few years now. I recommend it as well!

Love the moth photo - I wouldn't have noticed it if you wouldn't have said anything!