Monday, May 24, 2010

Tulip Festival

We had some family fun at the local Tulip Festival this past weekend. Lots of Dutch food, wooden shoes and tulips. A good time was had by all. Enjoy the cute pictures!
These types of events are great. They are local, so money stays in the community, and we don't have to use as much gas as we would if we drove to a bigger city and a bigger festival. Lots of local craft people, making stuff by hand and selling it to other locals, I love supporting that kind of thing. We bought a frog shaped iron door knocker from a local guy who had his forge set up right there at his booth, Rowen was very intrigued by the whooshing of the bellows and the bright fire and banging of the hammer on the anvil. We ate delicious brats made by a local meat shop there in Orange City. And pigged out on Dutch pastries. Rowen of course has inherited a sweet tooth from every side of the family, and since he's only got 6 teeth... :-D
There was music of course, Rowen and I danced a little bit, he loves dancing as much as I do. The parade was cute, Rowen liked waving at the people as they walked past. What a little charmer. He fell asleep before the fireworks started though, which was nice too, as Dave and I got to snuggle a bit while we watched them.


oogRobot said...

Was this in Pella? It looks strangely similar to Keukenhof

Jennie said...

Nope, a little town called Orange City, but Pella has a very similar festival, a week or so earlier than the OC one. This town is just 10 miles north of us, and they boast an 80% Dutch population. Everyone's named all Vander-something or Van-something. :-D They have a windmill and a shop that makes wooden shoes. (The woodcarving machine is pretty cool, there was a demo I caught part of)

Ken said...

First time to your blog, do you knit, I noticed the sweater and your son's name? I'll check out more later, nice photos.

Jennie said...

I do knit, I just started learning this January. My year's resolution is to knit a scarf. So far I only have 7" of it knit though. :-D I certainly didn't knit my jacket, that was a Goodwill find for 3$. :-)

My son's name is Rowen Donald, and he has my last name. Rowen for the tree and Donald for both Dave's father and for one of my favorite Great Uncles.

Glad you like the photos, I don't have a fancy camera, but I try to take interesting pictures. Most of my family is 2 days drive away so I try to keep them updated on my life through the blog.

Ken said...

Oh, I probably wasn't real clear on your son's name comment, it's just that it's a very popular Yarn, and they have pattern books too, it looked like that type of sweater. Very cool on the find though. Good luck with the knitting, I'm on and off, I even have a spinning wheel, but haven't used it in a couple of years. My daughter has been the focus of my free time, she's almost two and a half, which explains the dearth in knitting and spinning.

ReeBz said...

woww i love these tulips, so fresh n lovelY!