Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gardening with the Podling continues

Wow, I can't believe it's been a few weeks since my last Kindergarden post. Rowen and I have been busy little bees lately, here's the update.Containers are coming along slowly. Great lettuce crop in the cold frame. This lettuce was sown in DSM in the seed starting tray, moved to LeMars, then it sat in my dining room until just a couple of weeks ago when I finally got it transplanted out to it's proper place. I have arugula sewn in between the bunches of Tango lettuce, hopefully they sprout and I get some arugula before it gets too hot. There are onions next to the cold frame, but the pretty irises block the view from this angle. Everything else in containers is still pretty small.

Baby Rowen helped me pick our first bowl of salad out of the garden. Spring lettuce, kohlrabi thinnings, herbs and field greens (weeds). It was pretty tasty! ( I didn't wash the greens well enough and the salad was gritty, but.. other than that! Pretty tasty!) He was so cute, I would bend over and pick something for the salad, and he would find something near him and carefully pick a few leaves off and hand them to me to add to the salad.

He was very excited by the garter snake we found on Wednesday. He chased that poor snake halfway across the yard before it hid behind the steps. Hopefully that particular garden buddy will stick around, I'd love the help with the small rodents.

Rowen also helped me expand the plot a little bit this week. I didn't want to rent a tiller, so I just took a shovel and turned over another 2 feet along the side of the plot. Rowen got a little trowel and proceeded to do his own bit of digging, somehow ending up with dirt all over himself and some in his mouth. Good times. Sadly didn't get a picture of that.

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inadvertent farmer said...

congrats on your first of the year little guy is just darling! Mine love snake too.

Just your Thursday reminder that the link party is up for kinderGARDENS if you have anything you want to share this post...I'm also having 'Sunflower House' book giveaway. Happy Gardening and Mothering! Kim