Friday, July 17, 2009

Record Low Temp

Just an update on what's coming out of the gardens this week.

4 Cucumbers
4 Zucchini
2 eggplant
3 Kohlrabi
2 dozen garlic scapes

We are setting record lows today and tomorrow. We are barely going to get over 70. My tomatoes are looking at me like I'm crazy, and my green beans are about to give up in disgust. The onions and Kohlrabi are loving it, although I'll never get my onion and garlic crops to cure right if we don't get some hot dry weather soon. Hmmm, if I was being really nice I could layer some of my floating row cover on the hot weather plants just to keep them warm, but the 70 degree weather isn't going to hurt them that much. On second thought, Japanese Beetle season is almost here isn't it? I should look that up. I like to cover my vines before the beetles get out in force.

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