Friday, July 17, 2009

Patatas tres

Ok, an update on the Potato Trials 2009.
I have two varieties planted in a 12ish foot row in my East Downtown Plot. A red potato, Desiree, and a Yukon Gold potato. I forgot to write down where I planted them, so I'll have to wait till I dig them up to find out which is which. But, the one in the South half of the row is significantly larger than the other. Also, the flowering was really bad in the North half, I only saw about 10% of it get flowers. That's kind of worrisome, since my book says that's when they are setting potatoes.
I did get them hilled up a few weeks ago, and wow was that a chore. It took 3 wheelbarrows of compost to get it done. I think if I ever plant potatoes in the ground again I'm going to dig a large trench and plant the potatoes a foot down, then just fill in instead of hilling up.

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