Thursday, March 12, 2009


Baby has his head down, and I am 1cm dilated. I know, some of you are thinking, you did NOT want to know that. :-D But, there's not much happening in my garden right now, so you get pregnancy news instead.

I'm pretty happy with our preparations for baby. We have a stash of used diapers in a couple of sizes and a few shapes, ready to put on baby's bum. The majority of the stash was bought used from a gal here in town, and the rest were bought used from my online cloth diaper forum, (Diaper Swappers) or made by Mom and I. I'll need to add a dozen more once he pops out and we see what fits, but we are definitely prepared. I've made 6 small bamboo cloth fitteds, PUL covers, cloth wipes, I think 40 or so, 2 large wet bags for holding dirty diapers, 1 med wetbag for the diaper bag, a changing pad, 3 crib sheets, 3 swaddling blankets, 2 snuggle blankets, 2 drool bibs, 2 pairs of little mittens and I'm working on the crib bumpers now. :-D All the sewing for baby has really made a difference in my sewing skills. I know more stitching techniques and more about different types of fabrics and the quality of my sewing has taken a large step forward. There's a noticeable difference in my stash of fabric too. :-D I don't have a bedroom full like others I could name in my family, but I've definitely got a sizeable stash. Anyway, we have clothing too, I've got a couple of boxes of used newborn-6M clothing, one from Dave's family and one from a lady off Diaper Swappers. So, we've got lots of onesies and some footy pajamas, and some fleece stuff for next fall/winter. If he comes out big he might not fit in the newborn stuff for long, but at least we have it, and I didn't spend much money on it.

:-D I promise, the next post will be about dirt and seeds. I have CSA tomato seedlings that need documenting.

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