Friday, February 6, 2009

Small victories

Sometimes I can overwhelm myself with thoughts of everything I don't know, everything that I didn't get done, everything that I mess up, etc. :-) So, this post is celebration of things that did go right, and the small victories I noticed this week.

My orchid is blooming. Nothing show stopping or award winning, but I have 2 blossoms open and another 4 budding. Probably my favorite flower, and not something you can buy at a grocery store flower shop. And in our climate, it takes some babying to get blossoms. So, V for victory on this one.
We only have one onion left down in the basement. True, we didn't last till the next onion harvest, but we lasted a little over 7 months. That's not bad at all for a first attempt. Plus, they were uber tasty. So, I'm counting it a victory.
The spinach in the cold frame is putting on real leaves. I honestly thought the entire frame would freeze solid last month. There were days when I left it buried in snow just to insulate it a little. :-D I must have done something right though, so it's going in the victory category. We have a handful of 50degree days coming up this week, I'm excited to see how much they grow. I might set a new personal best for earliest harvest. We'll see.
Cragslist yielded a used stroller and car seat combo in excellent condition for 80$. Almost half the price of the new version, so we saved money and the environment in one swell foop. And, unless I'm mistaken, that's the LAST piece of baby equipment we "need" for our little one's arrival. Although, I desperately want one of these, as I find them much more to my taste than the stroller.

A local gal, Sarah, makes custom handmade slings. You can see all her selection here. To me they just make so much more sense than strollers. They are cheaper, lighter, easier to transport, easier to clean, they keep baby closer and leave both your hands free even going up and down stairs. Can you even imagine how much quicker airport security would go if more women wore their babies instead of hauling them around in gigantic strollers? Strollers can't be used when I want to do chores with baby in tow, or when I want to sit with baby and type with two hands. :-P
Anyway, I've steered off topic. Where was I? Oh, the stroller. Yup, we now have all the gear, all the furniture, blankets, bags and diapers and nothing was bought new. That's definitely a victory. Course, I'm dragging my feet about clothing. Do I really have to? Can't he just wear a diaper and a swaddling blanket for the first few months? Seems more logical than newborn clothing.

Anyway, I'll stop before I veer off again. Small victories, but each one makes me happy. And that's not a small thing at all.
I'm off to enjoy some sunlight and warmth. (Yes, 50 is warm.)

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littlesouthernmama said...

oh, i love your sling! i am a loyal wallypopper and have followed her creation of your customs! gorgeous!