Monday, February 23, 2009

Cloth Diaper weekend

Well, in spite of nasty weather and an even nastier cold thing running rampant, my mother and I attempted to host a sewing bee focused on cloth diapers this past weekend.
It was a small success. We only had one other lady show up. But she did sew cloth diapers and mom and I both got a lot done. And we enjoyed meeting someone new!
Diapers sewn:
6 small fitteds made out of bamboo velour, should fit from 9-20 lbs
2 large fitted made out of bamboo velour/cotton flannel, should fit from 15-30 lbs
2 prefolds smallish, not infant, but smallish, made out of bamboo velour/hemp terry

I'm probably not going to make any more until baby actually comes out and I can test some of the completed diapers on him. :-D I have enough made to do a good testing and then I can decide what to tweak and what to never do again...

I still need to finish up my waterproof covers. But, I'm getting close to ready for baby. :-D (As long as he doesn't want clothes.)

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