Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This weekend marked the pagan celebration of Imbolc. Ever wondered where the tradition of spring cleaning came from? This is one of it's roots.
Now, being city-dwelling pagans in our rental house, we did nothing with fire. I know, sad, but true. :-) I did get 3 loaves of yummy bread baked, a whole bunch of cookies baked and the house cleaned. Not that Dave didn't help with the cleaning, he did, but his version of "All done" and my version are still a little different. And, after I had wore myself out with cleaning, he was good enough to make the cassarole planned for dinner.
I had my friend Claire over to split the seed order we went together on, and we pigged out on pizza and homemade cookies while we dreamed of garden bounty.
I did make it out to my community plot for a little bit. I was hoping to be able to poke the garlic bulbs into the ground, but it was still frozen solid. Dave laughed at me for hoping such a thing, but hey, a girl's got to have dreams right?
The signs of spring were definitely in the air this weekend though. It got up to the 40's on Saturday and Dave and I went out for an hour long walk in our local park. The spinach in the cold frame are galantly putting on real leaves, and my orchid has blossomed.
It was a lovely weekend, even without any fire. :-)
My mother tells me our relatives in Louisianna were planting their gardens this weekend. I am not jealous.. I am not jealous.. I am not jealous... :-D

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