Thursday, July 24, 2008

Honeymoon Bliss

Wow, what a week.

Dave and I were handfasted on Sunday. We had lots of family and friends with us for the ceremony. Vows were exchanged, pictures were taken and lots of food eaten. Flowers, dress and 80% of the food were local. I made the best strawberry rhubarb pies from scratch. Daddy and Mom whipped up some tasty ice cream. Everyone left happy. I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. We danced around storms, power outages and Dave’s family being an hour late. And everything turned out wonderful.

We had a small honeymoon, from Sunday night through Weds night. We didn't really go anywhere, stayed home, watched some movies, ate leftover food and lazed about our new house together.

I did get in some gardening in on the honeymoon. Monday I went to the Franklin plot and attempted to reclaim the pea patch. I saved a couple handfuls of seed and got a good start on turning it into a plantable patch for the hairy vetch. I can’t believe how wet it is here. I had water in any hole deeper than 2” in the plot. I’m glad I spent the time to build my soil up, the people on either side of me had standing water in their plots.

I harvested Green Beans, Purple Green Beans and a couple of massive Kohlrabi.

Kohlrabi: 655g
Royalty Purple: 30g
Empress Green Bean: 135g

Wednesday I made it out to my Boone garden with Dave. Everything was lush and well watered. :-P The flowers were heavily damaged by storms on Saturday, but everything else appeared sound. I have tons of tomatoes on the vines. I even harvested one little red one, but I'm not sure what kind he is. (My garden journal hasn't been unpacked yet) :-P

I harvested all the garlic finally. It was definitely close. There are a few that might not cure cause they stayed in the wet ground too long, but over all it was a good harvest. I pulled out 31 garlic heads. The North row outperformed the South row hands down. I'll have to check my journal to figure out which types that would be. I damaged 4 or 5 as I was trying to get them out of the ground. Shovel cuts mostly, so those I cleaned up and cut up and they are now diced garlic in oil in my fridge. The rest of the heads are quietly sitting on a tarp in my living room curing. At least I hope they are curing. It's been raining since I pulled them out of the ground yesterday, so they can't go outside. *shrug*

I harvested all the onions. The tops were laying over on most of them. And, like the garlic, it was just too wet to leave them. So, they too are on the tarp in the living room, hopefully curing. Dave complains it smells "funny" in the living room now. hee hee...

While I was harvesting I grabbed the carrots out of their bed. Something was eating the tops, so I figured I should harvest now while I could still tell where they were. I got a giant pile of carrots. Not sure the best way to store them, some research will need to be done. I did set some aside and Dave helped me cut them up and put them in the dehydrator. So, at least some will be dried. For some reason I think they should be stored in damp sand in the basement, but I could be confusing them with beets.

We harvested from the bean rows too. All three types are putting out bumper crops. Must be all the rain or something. I was a good girl and tied yarn around the beans I'm saving for seed. Dave even helped with it on Weds. So, here's a picture of the harvest, and the totals.Weds Harvests from Boone garden
Purples: 500g
Pole Beans: 273g
Empress Green: 220g
Carrots: 2528g or 2.5 Kg!
Onions: 34 harvested
Garlic: 31 harvested

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Brian said...

Nice harvest. Congrats ya'll. As I recall, carrots work well in a cool, very slightly moist sand bed. Cut tops, clean, remove bad spots, dry thoroughly- pack in sand.