Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4 days till the handfasting!!

So, two pictures, one of the green beans, and one of the first 4 onions hanging in their braid in my kitchen.

4 days till the handfasting!! So much left to do. :-) I think we’ll make it though. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Dave’s outfit. It shipped from the tailor on Monday. Hee heee.. eek. Definitely cutting it a little close, but barring any natural disasters it should get here by Friday. Except for a slight zipper malfunction, my dress is done and beautiful!

Dave and I went out to the Boone garden last night. I have lots of pretty pretty flowers for bouquets and such. A good chunk of my bulbs are blooming, I have a massive drift of wildflowers, and a couple handfuls of edible flower blooms. Perfect! I might need to go buy a bouquet of white flowers and baby’s breath just to balance out all the yellows and oranges that I grew, but that’s definitely doable. I have 5 huge vases from Valentine’s Days past, I’ll reuse those and I picked up some corsage bracelets and florist’s tape for a total of 5$. I’ll be using leftover ribbon from my dress to decorate my bouquet and the vases. I invested 50$ in bulbs this spring. So… 55$, 65$ after I buy the bouquet of white flowers Friday… $65 for wedding flowers. I’ll use every flower in my garden, and I’m seriously thinking about stealing.. er liberating.. some flowers from my office park median. It won’t be a fancy affair, but there will be flowers and I won’t break the bank. Not bad for 5 months of planning. :-)

While we were checking on the flowers we harvested 782 grams of green beans from one of my Empress bush bean rows, and 4 more onions.

The tomatoes are still stubbornly green. I’m starting to doubt they’ll be ready by Sunday. Oh well. No great loss. More for me to can when they do ripen. :-D

The garlic definitely will need to be harvested as soon as I can get to them. Even if I have to drag Dave out to the garden on our honeymoon. :-D

My cabbage appears to have stopped growing. I’m not sure how to tell if it’s done though. I might ask Dave’s mom when she’s here on Sunday.

The dehydrator was a success on the first batch. The strawberries are tasty, the blueberries are decent, (I’m not the biggest fan of blueberries to start with) Dave swears the banana chips are delicious. I don’t like how the peaches turned out, I might try the next batch of peaches with a pretreatment of citric acid and hope the results are more to my liking.

The Japenese Beetles are officially here. I saw my first handful yesterday. So, the row cover went back over the squash. Hopefully the beans can hold their own against the coming onslaught.

That's all for now.

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