Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter's a'comin

We have our first big winter storm (for this year) bearing down on us, the fun is supposed to start this evening.

We are as prepared as we can be. We've got a ton of food in the house, and a couple of new snow shovels. One of the new shovels is a small one designed to go in cars I think, but we got it because it's just the right size for Rowen (boy #1.)  Shoveling is sooo much more fun when there's a 3 year old helping. :-D

We won't be headed out tonight to pick up last minute essentials.  If it's essential, we have backups in storage for it. We certainly won't be headed out for gifts or decorations. I think the boys have a couple of store-bought toys, but everything else is largely DIY or handmade.

It will be nice to have snow on the ground for Yule.  Silly, I know. But with time off from work, and no gardens to tend, I like playing in snow.  Shoveling is ok when I need to get in some exercise, but building snow people, snow forts, snow sculptures, is all just fun.  I love sledding too, and Rowen is just about old enough to take to some gentle sledding slopes.

It's also nice to be headed into winter and know that I'm not going to be ginormously pregnant. I've got all my balance and flexibility back from pregnancy with Logan (baby #2) and I'm quickly regaining muscle strength. There's just something about pregnancy during winter that makes me feel especially vulnerable, and I'm glad to be past it.

Anyway, I hope this storm finds you and yours bundled up warm and toasty.

Have a great Solstice.
May the darkest night give way to a brighter morning. 

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