Friday, December 7, 2012

What Do You Call It?

Hubby and I were raised in different areas of the country. Neither of us is really "from" somewhere, as we both moved around extensively.  In general though, we grew up in different parts of the country. Different parts of the country, with apparently different language customs. It's a bit funny when it comes to names for pieces of furniture, or parts of rooms.  I never realized how many different names there can be for one piece of furniture.

We find that if we don't address it head on, we'll spend months talking past one another, missing important directions or requests because we're not understanding what the other is talking about.

We had to go through the  house and point at things and say, "We're going to call this the, "small pantry," and this will be, "front mudroom," and this is the, "large pantry," and this is the "small mudroom."

It was the same with furniture.  I always called the main table, "the kitchen table." And it drove Dave nuts, because it's not in the kitchen. hahahaha  I'm trying to get in the habit of calling it the "dining room table," but it's a hard habit to break. And we have this TV hutch we got somewhere, I think from my mother, and we don't have a TV, so we use it to sort mail and hold the archives of past years' mail.   I spent 5 minutes today trying to get him to pull out a piece of mail for me so I can call the guy from work today, and I couldn't get him to understand which piece of furniture I was talking about.  He says he would call it a cabinet, as opposed to a hutch.

I think this can come up in other situations, not just marriage.  At least for those of us who don't live and die in the same city we were born in. Take the time to clear up the language confusion, before it becomes a problem. :-) Your team, or family or whoever, will appreciate it.


Sorry for the long blog silence.  I've been blogging a lot with my paid position, and I don't have the pressure in my brain to get things out like I used to.  Most of my prepper/survival posts are going to that blog, and no longer going up here.  If you want to know where that blogging is happening, let me know and I'll whisper it in your ear (digitally speaking.)   I don't want to link to it, because we're trying to keep my writing on that blog entirely separate from this blog.

I am going to try to put up more posts here moving forward. Call it a new year's resolution. Smaller things, quicker to write things. 
Probably more culture and personal news and probably some sewing projects show and tell.  And, probably a few more of my Jennie-rants, that can't go up on the other blog. :-D

I hope your winter solstice season is full of warmth and family and good food.  Take care!

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