Monday, June 7, 2010

Independence Days 6-7-2010

Plant the food: Tomatoes, Basil, Cabbages, into the garden. Assorted herbs into containers.

Harvest the food: Lettuce Lettuce Lettuce, radishes, spinach, weeds

Preserve the food: nada

Waste Not: Just trying to eat greens on everything. It can be hard to get back in that habit after a long winter. I have some rhubarb set aside for jelly making hopefully this week.

Want Not: Finished Rowen's shirt, started on an apron and a napkin set. Tried some basic water conservation this weekend, and the cat promptly spilled it all over the floor. *sigh*

Eat the Food: rhubarb compote on pancakes, spinach on my burritos, anybody got a nice recipe for radishes?

Community Food System: Working with 3rd graders in Sioux Center, they have a veggie garden they planted this spring, I'll be helping out over the summer while they're on break, keeping things weeded.

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