Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby and Me - Landscaping

I know we're renting, and I know that any changes I do to the landscaping not only have to please the hubby, they also have to please the landlady. I also know that it's not in my best interest to invest money into said landscaping as chances are high we'll be moving on in a year or two or three. None of this stops me from altering my surroundings to better reflect my values, but it does make things interesting on occasion. :-) Double that when Rowen is out there "helping."Here's a nice shot of the not so nice bed on the East side of our house. It gets seen by a lot of walkers, and a lot of church goers every Sunday, and by me twice daily on the walk to and from the car. So, status quo was not acceptable.

What I had to work with:
- A few clumps of pretty Iris, blue, needing to be separated.
- 6 Asiatic Lillies
- free pavers from the landlady
- Rhubarb that I've carted around in a container for 2 years now, much to the rhubarb's dismay
- Russian Sage, again carted around in a container for too long
- Salvia, pretty blue, from Walmart. :-P
- weedsSo, I dug a new border for the bed, if there ever was a border it was long gone, with only hints to show where it might have been. Straight is boring, so I dug a nice curved border, turning the dirt/sod back into the bed and leaving a nice trench for the pavers.
I placed my pavers in, trying to keep level and tight and back filling with some of the dirt as I went. The type of pavers I had worked really well with the curved border and I think it turned out great.
I clumped my Lillies together, left a couple of spaces to put the divided irises, (that will have to happen this fall), put the Russian Sage, Salvia and Rhubarb in a section, left room to seed native flowers early next spring and put in a hill of squash to help cover the bare spots this year.
It looks much better, but will be patchy this summer. After dividing the irises and begging some divides from neighbors this fall and seeding flowers early in the spring, the bed should look 300% better next summer.

I left a corner free near the downspout in case I get around to making water barrels.


Syeda Zehra said...

YOu made all this yourself...?
Wow..That's too good and perfect to believe..
Wonderful and awesome job..!

Jennie said...

Not too hard. All it took was a shovel, a spade and paver stones and some free time. It took a few hours of work spaced out over a week. And since I can't afford to buy already grown plants, it'll take another 12 months for things to grow and fill in the gaps.

But thank you! I was pretty happy with how it turned out. My best friend is a landscaper and I worked with her one summer, I am always in awe watching what she can do with a bit of dirt and stone.