Friday, April 2, 2010

Independence Days

1. Plant something - Didn't actually plant anything this week. Need to plant peas ASAP though. I have lots of seeds sprouting in my seed trays.

2. Harvest something - Dandelion harvested from the location where I put in my cold frame. I'm using the dandelion to make my first tincture.

3. Preserve something - Dandelion tincture.

4. Waste not - used my yard rakings to amend my soil in the new garden plot. Got a recycle bin delivered from the city. Broke down moving boxes to store and save for next time.

5. Want not - Making the tincture as the beginnings of my herbal medicine stash. Unpacking and organizing emergency food stores. Put together my cold frame on the South side of the house, in a spot I had to rake free of rocks and weeds.

6. Build community food systems - talked with my landlady's dad about proper composting.

7. Eat the food - We have canned veggies and fruit currently being used. Corn, carrots, peaches and applesauce. I'm trying to finish up the spices dried from last year and some even from the year before. I made a cake from scratch for Rowen's birthday, trying to use up some of the flour we have too much of.

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