Monday, March 18, 2013


No, not me. Not hubby either.
Baby Logan is on a nursing strike. He's only 9 months old, so it's a little soon for all out weaning.  But, Saturday morning saw me getting a lot of chores done. I noticed that afternoon that he wasn't nursing, so I tried to slow down and offer him a couple of nursing sessions. Both consisted of him screaming bloody murder as soon as we, "assumed the position."  By Saturday evening I was in a bit of pain and resorting to pumping. The strike continued through Saturday night and Sunday and Sunday night. 
Monday dawned on a tired Mama and Papa and a hungry fussy baby.
I'm still pumping, trying to keep the milk flowing until he decides to nurse again. We think he has some tooth pain going on, so maybe if that wanes a bit he'll feel more like nursing. He is taking some milk by bottle. He's only got a few days though, and then my supply is going to go down, even with the pumping.  Mostly because pumping just isn't the same as a nursing baby. My breasts can certainly tell the difference.

In spite of the nursing drama, I did get some stuff done on Saturday. Namely the new shelving that Mom snagged for me went up in the craft den and immediately helped clear some of the overflow-clutter. I'm trying to get my fabric supplies tamed enough that we can shoe-horn in some homeschooling supplies or displays.  With Rowen about to turn 4, I am working on making him a board where we can put his chore list and learning schedule for each month. I'd like for that to hang someplace not high traffic.

Jon asked in my last post, "why homeschool?"

Well, the simple answer is because it works for us right now. It's all about the money flow.  Dave doesn't work outside of the home right now. If he was to try to find a job, it would need to pay substantially more than what it would cost to daycare a 9 month old and an almost-4-year old. Those are some hefty costs, and so far he has not found anything that meets that requirement, so he stays home. We certainly could put Rowen (the 4 year old) into some sort of local preschool. I'm sure there is something locally that wouldn't offend us. But, Dave is still going to be at home, because of Logan. So, it makes more sense for us to just homeschool the preschool stuff, and save ourselves the time/tuition money.

It's entirely within the realm of possibility that when Logan is ready for pre-school we'll be living somewhere that Dave could find work in his field and maybe at that point we can weigh the merits of sending the boys to public schooling so Dave can work. But, we're not in such a location right now, so the cheapest thing to do is keep everyone home.

I got some sewing projects done this weekend too, I'll try to get some pictures snapped for some sew and tell.

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