Friday, April 29, 2011

People pedal power

I am an ardent supporter of people powered transportation. Walking and biking are great exercise, plus they are easy on the planet.
I've been biking seriously since college. I got through the 5 years of my engineering degree with just a bike for personal transportation. Ames, IA had a great bus system, which made the decision even easier.
Now, I'm excited to share that passion with my family.
We bought Dave a bike with some of our tax return monies. A trailer for Rowen was also picked out. Helmets and water bottles too, of course.

I'd like to say that health and exercise and green living aided Dave in his decision, he maintains that he got a bike because I'm cute. :-D I guess I'll take what I get and not complain.
Thankfully everyone enjoyed our first family ride. Rowen really enjoyed helping to put the trailer together. He loves running around the house in his helmet, and while the first time getting in the trailer was a bit scary, by the time we'd gone a half a block, he was giggling maniacally. :-D Dave likes the freedom that the bike and trailer give him and Rowen. They can now easily make it to all corners of our small town, and can run some of the household errands without having to walk miles carrying Rowen and everything else.

Our little rural town is fairly bike friendly. There are some bike paths, not enough in my opinion, but some. Most are on one of the busier roads in town, and it's not a wide road to begin with, so sometimes it's just more pleasant to forgo the bike path and bike in the road one or two streets over. That's a fairly common problem though, and nothing I haven't dealt with before. Bike racks can be found at places like Walmart and the library, but not many can be found downtown. Again, a common failing, and nothing that's insurmountable.

There is a bike club in town. They meet weekly in the summer for a group ride and social hour following. It was a good place to meet new people last year, and I'm excited to introduce Dave and Rowen to the weekly ride. Hopefully they'll continue to enjoy the bikes, I know this Momma is enjoying having her family out with her for rides. :-)

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