Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby is growing up.

Well, this week Rowen decided he was done with nursing. No trauma, no problems, just him wanting to eat real food like Mom and Dad I think. He happily nurses at night when we're all snuggled in bed, but he has insisted on food every day since Sunday.
On the positive side of things we're finally using the baby food I put away this fall in the freezer. He loves fruit and some veggies. The baby food I made was all local organic produce, steamed and blended then frozen in ice cube trays. It will also make going back to work easier with him weaned during the day. He's got 5 teeth now, so my nipples will probably be much happier with him eating food. :-)
My boobs were a little sore this weekend, but they're much better today, totally adjusted to the change. I had to pump a few times, just to relieve the worst of the pressure, but I didn't have to resort to any herbs or compresses or anything. Rowen had a couple of days of adjustment too, as far as bowel movements go, but the past couple of days have been regular, so no intervention needed there either. Pretty smooth. :-)


Brian Johnson said...

Hope the food bowls work out for ya!

Jennie said...

Oh my goodness, those bowls have been life savers! And they are the PERFECT size.