Friday, January 2, 2009

My belly button is disappearing!

Well baby and I are 2/3rds of the way through pregnancy. *nervous grin* Things are going really well. He has a distinct pattern of awake/asleep and he's usually quite active when awake. Maybe to be more accurate I should call them active/quite patterns. *shrug* Except for the difficulties going from horizontal to vertical, I really have no complaints. The doctors say we are both a good size, and everything is going as it should. Dave is a wonderful man, keeping me happy and healthy and dealing with my requests. For those bugging me for belly pics, here you are, enjoy. :-)

We went out and celebrated the new year with some friends. We ate some food, had some tasty drinks, did a little dancing and kissed at midnight. Much fun was had by all.

New year is typically a time for resolutions. I'm not certain if I really have any this year. I'm resolved to have a healthy baby in April. :-) And do cloth diapering and breast feeding for as long as I can. I'm resolved to reclaim my abdominal muscles as soon as possible. Other than that, I plan to keep on with the growing veggies, and living lightly.
It should be an exciting year. Open Source Organics (the CSA me and some friends are trying to start) will officially plant the first crop this spring. Adam and Becky are working full throttle on their bermed house at the property. I'm expecting this spring to be a mad dash to finish the interior and still get seeds in the ground. :-D But, we had a meeting Wednesday night and we have a plan of attack, and we have an organization that will buy all the organic veggies we can grow, so we are going for it. We are starting small, and we'll re-invest any profits back into the project to grow a little bit each year. We hope to put in 2 veggie beds 3'x100', and start some of the permaculture like a rhubarb bed and some hardy kiwi's. Exciting!

Happy New Year from the Erwin/Day family.

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