Monday, October 13, 2008


The name of the game this week is winterizing at my place. My place.. should I say our place? hee hee.. still getting used to the whole married thing.
I thought I'd never get around to it. But, finally, I'm down to the last plastic bag of tomatoes, and the only thing I want to add to the freezer is possibly a few bags of bell peppers. Seed collecting/cleaning/storing is well in hand, but that's an all winter project so I'm not worried about it.
So, with the mornings getting chillier, time to turn my attentions to winterizing. I did battle with the heater this weekend. Managed not to blow myself up, but it's definitely an old gas heater, so anything I can do to minimize the work it'll have to do will be all to the good. We're doing all the usual things, plastic sheets on the windows, space heater by the shower and checking attic insulation. We're also hanging fabric drapes on the windows in our bedroom and in the north facing windows of the dining room. My goal is to keep our thermostat at 65 or lower this winter. Eventually I'd like to send it down to 55 at night, but we'll see how that goes. I stocked up on wool blankets, and wool socks. I'm thinking about making Dave and me night stockings. hee hee.. if anyone knows of a good pattern for such a thing, let me know. I've joined up with Crunchy Chicken's Freeze Your Bunz challenge. Just to help with the challenges of keeping warm. Community support is always essential for these things. Chime in on her site if you want to join up with the challenge.

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Crunchy Chicken said...

I'm glad you didn't blow any fingers off fiddling with the heater. You might need them to type up how well your night stockings are working out for you.