Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yay for savings. (And August recap)

Well, I've given 2 weeks notice at work.

That sentence looks so calm on my screen, but there was nothing calm about this past week. The short of the story is I didn't appreciate how my team was treating me. Whether or not the behavior was based on my pregnancy or my gender or just plain dislike, I can't say. I don't particularly care. I don't think it's too much to ask for courtesy and respect, and I'm not so hard up that I have to stay in a position that doesn't give me those basics.

So. Now I'm a 2 month pregnant engineer looking for work. In Iowa. :-D Fun.

The good news is even after a move and a wedding we still have a months worth of bills in savings. I'll have 3 more work checks on top of that. Plus, a whole week of vacation next week. :-D My parents, being the wonderful people they are, have already offered us the basement should "It all hit the fan." I figure even if I end up working at a grocery store we can manage to keep the roof over our heads. But, it's nice to know we have someplace to land if we fall.

My darling husband did a fabulous job of keeping up with the harvest out of the gardens while I was gone. So we have an additional buffer of an overflowing freezer and cabinets covered in a layer of tomatoes and squash. My stress relief for the next few days will be processing lots of tomatoes. Currently I'm planning a batch of salsa, (a healthy snack choice for me and tadpole this winter) a big batch of tomato/veggie sauce, and probably a small batch of stewed tomatoes.
Last night I froze up the last batch of peaches. Colorado peaches... Mmmm... in my honey and water solution. (1 cup water to 1/3 cup honey)

Without further ado, here are the garden totals for the month of August.
Cherokee Purple Tomatoes: 175g
Stupice Tomatoes: 76g
Moonglow Tomatoes: 551g
Green Zebra: 828g
Striped Roma Tomatoes: 182 g
Random Tomatoes Dave couldn't identify: 2957g
Green Beans:507 g
Purple Beans: 119 g
Basil (dried): 9 g
Green Zuchinni: 853g
Yellow Squash: 607g
Mint (dried): 40g (talk about prescience, I didn't know I was prenant yet, but I harvested armfuls of wild mint out of the garden and dried it to make a tummy soothing tea)

Total harvest for August out of both gardens: 6.9kg
15.2 pounds for those of you who prefer non-metric weights.
Not up to the poundage from July, but it's hard to win weighing tomatoes versus onions. :-D Density and what not..

So, let the processing begin. Anything not fit for storage will be eaten over rice or pasta in the coming weeks, ad nauseum I'm sure. :-D

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